Player Reaction - Day 6

Draw 17


After their win against China, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said:

"We wanted to do the first goal, get to the play-offs, second goal make the 1-2 game and if you’d told me before we got here we’d have been ten and zero, I’d have locked that in.

"We finished on a winning note. We haven’t played that team before but we got to a nice start, 5-1 after three and were able to cruise after that. This is just a matter of reading the ice, it’s getting a little frosty out there so hopefully the weather will co-operate. Hopefully we’ll play better and get the job done.


After defeating Germany, Sweden skip, Sebastian Kraupp, said:

“I played it tight tonight – my strategy for the game was to keep it simple. We managed to get a deuce in the eighth end which was a key shot, a turning point in the game.

“It feels good to have reached the tie-breaker. We won against them (New Zealand) in the round robin but they played well today. They beat Glenn (Howard, Canada), so we will have to look out, it will be a tough game.

“It looks like I will be skipping again tomorrow, it’s not 100% but it’s looking quite likely. I’m not as confident as I am as third, vice-skip, but it’s working. Before the tournament we had the goal to take the gold medal with our ordinary team, but now with the change, if we can get to the play-offs that would be great.”

After defeating Czech Republic, USA skip, Heath McCormick, said:

“It was important to win, for some Olympic points and so on and so forth, but we were good tonight. It was a tight game, we missed a couple of keys shots but held in there and were able to come through in the end.

“As early as Tuesday we knew we were in big trouble, so we had to start changing from trying to make the play-off mode to trying to get some Olympic points and trying to have some fun at the same time - I think we managed to do that fairly well.

“We’ve learned a lot. I’ve played in some bigger events, but the rest of my guys, the biggest event they’ve played in has been the US Nationals. There’s a difference for sure. Obviously it was new for me as well so hopefully we can make it back here and prove to everyone we can do better than four and seven.”


After defeating France, Swiss skip, an Hauser:

On Olympic points: “It was really important for Switzerland and for all curlers in Switzerland to win tonight. We tried hard again to play as good as possible and we played a pretty good game tonight.

“Of course we are a little bit disappointed. We didn’t play as good as we can but we tried hard and we were always fighting as much as we could and that’s all that we can do. It was a hard week, it would have been nicer if we had won a couple more games but that’s life.

“I think we learned a lot. If you lose you need to keep going and clear your mind for the next game. Sometimes you have to learn how to lose before you can win and I think we have learnt that now.”

Draw 16


After their win over Germany, Denmark, skip Rasmus Stjerne, said:

"It’s still hard to sink in. We had two games this week that we should have won, so it’s a wee bit tough to take.

"This is my first year here and I think for that, we’ve down well, so we’re pleased. There’s a lot we can go and work on now. We have seen the big stage and it’s not that frightening. We’re going away to work now and see what we can bring back."


After their win over USA, Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"It’s a tough slog out there. We got five up but that ice is tough to hit on, you couldn’t put the brush down.

"We’ll have a chat about how to beat Canada, but they’re not unbeatable. We went in agaist Stoughton last year and we learned a lot. Last year we weren’t close to Canada last year in the round-robin and we got a wee bit closer in the 1 – 2 and we got a wee bit closer in the final. But we were as close last night as we were in last year’s final, so we’ll take heart from that. We’ll just need to go out and make shots."

New Zealand

After their win against Canada, New Zeland skip, Peter de Boer, said:

"It doesn’t get any better than that. We just continued from how we played this morning. The front end set up the ends really well and we just had to stay with them in the first few ends. "It’s pretty exciting, that’s the first time New Zealand had beaten Canada and the first time New Zealand has had a winning record, so we’re ticking off some boxes and the next box we’d like to tick is a play-off. "That should give us at least fifth place and hopefully our Olympic Association will take note and we might get a bit of support. But we’ll be knocking on their door. It’s terrific – it’s just unbelievable."


Following their win over France, Norway skip, Thomas Ulsrud, said:

“It feels good now (to have qualified for the play-offs). We had a team meeting after a couple of games when I think the record was 1 and 3, we said ‘well, it’s a long week. We need to stick in there and get the right feel for the ice’ and we have.

“Today was a tough game. In your head you think you have a good chance against France but they had a good game. The coach told us after the game he thought we played it a bit too safe, not going for big shots, just playing safe. But we were lucky enough to force him to take one in the last end which gave us hammer in the extra end and we pulled it off. They (France) could play like they did tonight - really well. I have had some other games against them when it is over early, but they are a good team.

On alternating Christopher and Thomas, Ulrsud said: “That’s the coach and a new policy In Norway. It’s not a team that comes it’s a national squad because we get some funding from the Norwegian Olympic Committee. So the coach picks the team, a bit like a soccer team. It’s working out for us but it is a new thing. We [the players] can’t decide ourselves, so I guess I’m going to have to give the coach a good Christmas present so that I can play.”

Draw 15

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New Zealand

After defeating China and On breaking the record for the most number of games won at a World Curling Championship, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer said:

“That’s nice, but it’s about Olympic points and doing as well as we can. That was a great game - gee whizz we had chances in the first half of that game. We had a chance for three in the four or fifth and missed it. But we just played really well all the way through, we just didn’t quite take the chances. I couldn’t have walked and placed the last stone better, we left him with almost no shot.

“It was a thrill to beat them. We’ve had so many close games against them in the last year, they’ve beaten us by next to nothing on two or three occasions so it’s nice for us to turn it round.

On facing Canada in their final round-robin game, de Boer said: “Apparently they’re quite good and have had a reasonable run. Look, everyone has got to lose sometime and everyone’s human. If we throw it like that we’ll have a good game against them.”


Following their win against Denmark, Swedish skip, Niklas Edin, said:

"That was an important one. We knew we had to win the last two we’re pleased that we’re on our easy. It was a close game and he played some key shots. We had to really execute at the end to win the game. "This game wasn’t the most fun to play, it was kind of painful, but I wanted to fight through it so that we could win. I’ll rest up now, but we’re really happy with the win.

"Even if we go back to the old line-up against Germany we can still win the game if we keep the pressure on them and make the key shots."


After their win over Switzerland, Norway skip, Thomas Ulsrud, said:

"We’re still alive after a terrible start. That was a big win for us and we’re in the mix, If we win against France then we’ll play on Saturday but at least it’s in our own hands. We’re not depending on anyone else and that was our main goal when we came here. It’s a different team playing now than in the first couple of matches."


Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, after defeating Czech Republic:

"I was worried all the way through the tenth end! They made a lot of good shots, and it’s not easy peeling out there. It’s pretty tough in that one lane. "We need to have a chat about the eighth, we maybe played the wrong shot... the double was a pretty hard shot, and we missed it by nothing. I think we’re almost definitely 1 -2, which is the same position as last year.

"We’ve got to be happy, ice conditions are challenging, we’re making a lot of shots, so we just need to keep going."

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