Player Reaction: Day 5

Draw 14


After their win over New Zealand, USA skip, Heath McCormick, said:

“Each win is important for Olympic points, so it’s nice to get that win. We actually played really well. We just seemed to be a little bit sharper, where as we had not been very sharp in some of our previous games.

“It’s disappointing, I’m sure if you ask any of the teams at the bottom and they will be disappointed. We’ll just try and go out there and enjoy our last two games.”


After beating France, Denmark skip, Rasmus Stjerne, said:

"That was really important. If we’d lost we’d be out of it. We still have two important games tomorrow. We’re playing some good curling now."


After defeating Scotland, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said:

"That’s goal number two achieved. Number one – make the play-offs and number two - make the one-two game."


After losing to Canada, Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"We had chances there. We had a couple of shaky ends and lost a bad steal.

"There’s no easy games now - everybody’s fighting for Olympic points. I’ve beaten them in the past. It’s not like there’re unbeatable. You’ve just got to go out there and believe you can beat them.

"Probably this morning’s game was one of the best we’ve ever played together as a team and I hope we can have another crack at the Canadians in the 1-2."

Draw 13


After their defeat to Canada, Sweden skip, Niklas Edin, said:

Sweden Skip, Niklas Edin, said: “My back feels ok, it’s mostly the nerve in my leg. I need to focus on doing the right thing getting out of the hack, otherwise it’s fine. I just need to be a bit careful, it hurts a bit but it doesn’t affect my curling.

“It feels really good to be back on the ice. I like the ice, it’s a bit frosty but for me it’s good. As a team we were struggling a bit because we’re all handling it a bit differently. We need to get tighter together as a group and try and use the same technique so that we can read ice from each other and make the shots.

“Hopefully we’ll be there tomorrow but today we struggled a bit with our new line-up and all that. We didn’t play too bad but as a team it just wasn’t enough.

“We need to win both of our next games to get to 7-4 and that will hopefully be enough for a tie-breaker. But we’re not guaranteed anything so we just need to win the last two games and hope for the best.”


After their win against Sweden, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said: "That was a fun game – Niklas came out to play to win, and we came out to play to win, lots of rocks in play, and eight wins and that’s where we want to be.

"One step closer to the play-offs and we want to win every game we play so we’re going to go hard and hopefully get into that one-two game. We’re going to play Scotland like it’s a do-or-die game."

Czech Republic

After defeating France, Czech Republic skip, Jiri Snitil, said:

"We know how the French play, and they know how we play, so we were expecting to get and give up some numbers, but I’m happy with the result.

"We’ve had a tough tournament, and we try to re-group after every game.

"From the beginning, it’s been about Olympic points and maybe we tighten up a little bit because of the points.

"We have Scotland – that’ll be tough and they’re going for play-off and it’ll be a close game against USA and we hope we’ll get that one."

Draw 12

New Zealand

After their win against Switerland, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer, said:

“We’ve got some nice momentum going. We ground that out, we were pretty ugly in a couple of ends and very fortunate in four when their last shot, their first stone, picked up, which gave us the chance of three. We had a couple of scratch ends later on but we made a big shot when we needed to make it, so a nice win.

“It keeps us right in the mix. We play USA tonight and if we win that we can create a bit of a gap between us and the teams below us, so we’re going along just fine.

“That’s the ultimate goal (gaining Olympic qualification points). A top half finish here gets us some points and it gets us maybe a toe on the plane to the Olympics. So it gives us a start.

“We didn’t want to be over confident coming in but we all know that we’re good shooters. We’ve played at a high level before, we just don’t have the opportunity to practice. So we’re kind of relying a bit on instinct but we know with that instinct, we’ve got good strategy, we understand how the game goes, and if we get into a groove we can beat most teams. We just need to continue it and who knows?”


Following their win over China, Norway skip, Thomas Ulsrud, said:

“This one was a tough one. The Chinese guys were playing really well and I think I have to be honest and say that we were a bit lucky in the ninth and 10th ends. But it was a tough game. He (Chinese skip Liu Rui) made some terrific shots in the beginning of the match but then in the end he was beginning to become a bit more human, missed a couple and gave us a bit of an opportunity.

“It’s funny these things. The more wins you get the more confidence you get. Standing out there, you feel like ‘let’s keep things tight and give these boys a battle all the way and we’ll see what happens in the tenth end’.

“I hope someone can tell me how I can start of playing this well straight away (at the beginning of championships) - it wouldn’t get us in all of this trouble. We still have four tough matches left and we very much have to win all of them to get in there.”


After defeating Sweden, Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"The last two games we’ve been pretty solid. There was a bit difference from the French game when we were absolute pants. We’ll forget about what the other teams are doing, and just try to keep winning.

"We can relax and have fun tonight against Canada. We know we’ve got a tough game but we don’t really need to beat them till Sunday.

On the three points scored in the fifth end, he said: "That was two great freezes from Greg and then I had to draw the button for the third. We were pretty solid the whole game. We forced the one in the second end and then got two off the bat, before forcing one again."


After defeating Czech Republic, Denmark skip Rasmus Stjerne, said:

"Those are good back-to-back wins, and we needed that. We’re only on four wins now and we’re still in the hunt, but our main goal is to take home as many Olympic points as we can.

"If we can find our way back to the game we had at the beginning of the weekend we can perhaps make the Play-offs, but right now we’re just going to worry about one game at a time."

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