Player Reaction: Day 4

Draw 11


Following their win against Sweden, Norway skip, Thomas Ulsrud, said:

"This was a big game for us. We pretty much controlled the game _ against Swseden,m who are a great team. They were on only one loss and had hammer and we managed to turn it around at the start. We put some pressure on before the break but I wasn’t sure we’d win until the last end.

"This is typical Norway – we start terrible and then we pick it up through the week – I hope we haven’t left it too late. We still have hope for a Page 1 v 2 slot, but I’d settle for 3 – 4 right now."

New Zealand

Following their victory over Czech Republic, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer, said:

"If only it was just as easy as that. That was a good game and they played well. We just managed to set up a good end in the seventh and that changed the game when we managed to get our three.

"It’s great to be here playing, we’ve got a great bunch of guys, we’re just enjoying every minute and it’s great fun."


After their win over China, Scotland skip Tom Brewster, said:

"That was a pretty solid performance – they’re a good team. They missed nothing in the first two ends, and I thought we were on a sticky wicket.

"I played a good come-round in the third end and I had a good draw for two and that spurred us on.

"We played two great freezes in the sixth end and he missed a run-back and I had a draw for three.

"I was disappointed this morning, we didn’t quite get there. I couldn’t get draw-weight, but we’re right back in the mix now. We’ve got a big day tomorrow I know."


After defeating Switzerland, Denmark skip, Rasmus Stjerne, said:

“It’s starting to look really clumpy in the pack. A lot of teams are winning over each other. We had a really bad streak, with three losses so we really needed this win to bounce back.

“The three came out of nothing. I was certain we would get a deuce but we got a lucky break and for the rest of the game we really just kept control.

“The ice is really tricky now, there’s a lot of frost going on, so when we came out in front it was easier for our game plan just to get the stones away.

“I feel as a whole team we’ve played really well this week. We’ve just been struggling to put the perfect last ends in, but that happened tonight and I’m happy at how the team is playing.”

Draw 10


Following their win over USA, Norway skip, Thomas Ulsrud, said:

“That was an important win. As usual at the World’s we got off to a slow start but the guys seem to have picked up a feel for the ice and I am putting the broom at the right spot so things are looking better for Norway right now. But, after that bad start we can feel the knife up there (at our throats), there’s no blood yet but it’s up there.

“The problem has been that for some reason it takes us a couple of matches to get into it, to get the feel for the ice. I think curling is a game of confidence – when you sit in the hack you need to have confidence to make the shot and now we have it. At the beginning of the week we didn’t have it and we were missing easy shots.”


After their win over Scotland, France skip, Thomas Dufour, said:

“We were looking for some wins quite desperately so it was a good win. Team was playing very good stones, good curling, I was a little under.

“I think the problem has been that we have been inconsistent. Also, we have not played many high level tournaments, games like this, for a long time. So it has taken a little while to get back up that level.”

New Zealand

After defeating Germany, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer, said:

“5-0 wasn’t particularly fair actually. They played a great shot to get their two, and we had one over swept stone to give them their three. We took a two in the fifth and I said at half time ‘look guys, we’re doing well enough to win this game, we just need to get some stones in play and back ourselves.’

“Fortunately they played great, my third player, Sean, just played terrific in the last five ends which helped set us up. But the whole team played terrific.

“I think if we just believe in our ability to make the shots, we can make the shots. If we believe that throughout the course of the game and back ourselves, then we can come back in games like that. Hopefully we don’t have to do it in too many but it’s nice to know that when you’re in that situation you can do it, it gives you more confidence the next time you find yourself down.”

Draw 9


After their win over Czech Republic, Germany skip, John Jahr, said:

“That was a very important win - we needed it. We all played better, the last couple of days we had too many bad draws, not too high percentages, but today was better.

“I think the problem has been that we didn’t have strong enough handles, we needed more curl on the handle, because otherwise it was too soft and sometimes you lose the takeout and the shooter for example.”


After their win against Switzerland, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said:

"That was my fault. I missed two or three shots that I shouldn’t have missed. I wasn’t sharp and those were bone-head shots. The best news is the guys made everything for me."


After their loss to Canada, Swiss skip Jan Hauser, said:

"We’re playing pretty good and we’re feeling really good. We had some luck but we were also a little bit unlucky.

"Whether we should have won it? ...the result shows what happened. We had to win this game and now have to look forward to the future games (for Olympic points)."


After defeating Sweden, USA skip, Heath McCormick, said:

"We’ve had a very slow start so it’s good to be getting back. I felt like we in huge trouble in the first end and the second end, but somehow we got away with it. Then they were clearly struggling a little bit and had some misses."

"After the first couple of ends we really started playing well and thins seemed to work out.

"Obviously we’re on four losses and we can’t afford any more. It’s a cliche, but we’ll be taking it one game at a time and go from there. We’re capable of winning games."

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