Player Reaction: Day 3

Draw 8


Sweden skip, Sebastian Kraupp, said:

“We are playing really well. This game we had a really bad end in the seventh but apart from that end the whole team had a really good game. The team struggled a bit against New Zealand but we had a few good breaks.”

On scoring the five: “It was actually them (France) missing a couple of shots and we had good end. They played really aggressive that end and made it possible for us to score big.

“It is hard to when you go up early on. You have to stay focused for the whole game, that was maybe the issue in the seventh.

“I think both Oscar and Frederick had a good game tonight against France because I think they struggled a bit against New Zealand. But I think the rocks and ice is a bit more swingy now than it was two days ago.”


After defeating USA, China Skip, Liu Rui, said:

"We played well tonight - I think we played to our normal level. We have played at this level (of performance) before in Canada and in the Pacific. We are honoured to play the game in front of so many people here, it helps motivate us and play better."


After their win over Germany, Swiss skip, Jan Hauser, said:

"We’ve had four tough losses. We’ve played strong all the time but finally they stones came like we wanted and we won.

"We played a fantastic game already this morning. We tried to make our opponents play some difficult shots.

"The stadium has been alive not just from tonight, but since Saturday, and it’s fantastic. We lost our first four games, but we’ve tried to give something back and finally we’ve won, so we hope the people will come again tomorrow."


After defeating Czech Republic, Canada skip, Glenn Howard said:

"I was very impressed by the Czech team. For a country that’s only been curling for less than 10 years, they’re very impressive. I like the way they throw the rocks and I like the way they called the game.

"That was really a well-played game. Our confidence is getting better, I felt really comfortable out there tonight, and my guys are making everything underneath me. It doesn’t get any better than that."

Draw 6


After getting a win against Denmark, USA Skip, Heath McCormick, said:

“It definitely feels good (to win), we were still struggling pretty bad out there. We started of really good, struggled in the middle for sure and played decently near the end but they were playing a lot better as well. Obviously at the end we had to make him play his last shot, I made two nice shots in the last end, but we were very fortunate.

“You would have thought we could have continued momentum from last night’s game but it didn’t really seem like it out there.

“I feel good. Last night would have felt great if we could have pulled out those first two wins that we were in control of. If we were two and one after last night’s game with Canada we would have been feeling really good because we played great against Canada.”


After defeating Norway, Canada skip Glenn Howard, said:

"It’s pretty cool (to beat the European Champions). I know Thomas we’ve played them many times, they‘re one of the best teams in the world and we got Thomas on an off-day. He himself struggled and that’s uncharacteristic of him. He missed shots that I didn’t expect. The best part of it all is that my guys made everything and we’re going in the right direction.

"You get four guys on the ice making shots, then we’re going to do well. I’m so pleased at the way all four of us are playing after four games, and hopefully, we’ll get better as we go.

"We know what we have to do – we’re here to win the world championship and we know we’ve got it in us to play really, really well. Nothing needs to be said, it’s just doing what we do best.

"The better you play, the more confident you get. If you play well at the start of the week, there’s no reason why you can’t play well all of the time."


After their victory over Germany, Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"That was a lot better than yesterday...pretty solid and it was good. I thought we won that quite well, we played well.

"We had a good chat about a coiple of things yesterday. WE were maybe a wee bit flat going into yesterday’s game.

"That was a nice tap in the sixth, Greg played a great wee hit and roll with his first andf they were just having to corner-freeze the whole way. He was a bit heavy with his last and I had a tap-back for three.

"We’ll take where we are right now – we’v e been pretty solid in all games except for two ends.

New Zealand

After their win against France, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer, said:

"We were concentrating on our time, but regardless of what he did with his first stone, he didn’t have time to play his last so he’s forfeited the game...amazing.

"From about end three we played well, and even thought he last end was getting messy, I was still sure we’d get out of it.

"We’ll give anybody a game. The ice is good and you can get onto a bit of a roll, so we can get a few wins."

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