Player Reaction: Day 2

Draw 5


Following their win against Germany, France skip, Thomas Dufour, said:

"A second win of the day. We’ll carry on getting better and we hope we will reach a good spot.

"In the ninth, I thought we made a bad choice. We were trying to force one but we missed a little tap. We were upset but fortunately we did not have to play our last stone."


After defeating Switzerland, China skip, Liu Rui, said:

“I think that we’re doing ok, we’ve been giving a performance that is of our normal level. We are doing well at our communication and situation judgement which helps us with the coordination of our play. But I don’t think we are doing our performance skills so well, we need to practice. We also need to improve our psychological preparation and learn to adapt to big events like this. But I am enjoying playing in the stadium in front of so many people, and being part of the event itself.”


After their win against Czech Republic, Sweden skip, Sebastian Kraupp, said:

“It’s been a good start. This game was up and down - we were in trouble in the seventh end. He (Jiri Snitil, Czech Republic skip) didn’t curl up with his last stone and I was able to make a hit and roll, then we were lying pretty good, so that was a key shot in the game.

“I think we need to improve our draw game and putting rocks in the exact spot. But then we had a pretty good defence and we have played a lot simpler than we usually do and that’s a good thing.”


After defeating USA, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said:

"It’s doesn’t matter that it’s tight, we just want to get another win under our belts. I thought we played a really good game, Heath McCormick made some unbelievable second shots that kept him in the game. He made a couple of pistols in the ninth, but we’re 3 and 0 and we couldn’t be happier."

"Heath made a huge bunch of shots – if he misses any one of those, it’s going to be a blow-out. But it was a great game and kudos to Team USA. "We’re very close to where we want to be. It’s as simple as you play your next opponent as if they’re the best team in the world, and you play as well as you can."

Draw 4


After defeating China, Swedish skip, Sebastian Kraupp, said:

“I think we played really well, we were in trouble in the third end. He (China skip, Liu Rui) made a really good shot then I managed to make a thin double for three.

“It feels good to be on two wins, especially with this line up. It’s quite strange for us and for me as a skip as well. But it feels good.

“I am enjoying being skip but I think it’s more fun to play third, but I’m used to it. I used to skip a few years ago but of course I am playing in front of the crowd and its good fun.

“Niklas will have a cortisone shot (injection) tomorrow I think. I don’t think he will play tomorrow, or not even Tuesday but hopefully he can be around in the last round robin games and if he can play we want him back on the sheet.”


After beating Scotland, Denmark skip, Rasmus Stjerne, said:

"That’s one for the books. We came on strong and played a really good first five ends.

"I think Tom expected us to play negative but we felt we had a chance from the start and we took it, and it paid off.

"That was a really big win for us. They were silver medallists last year, so that ‘s a big win to put in. We feel like we can start building the momentum and we have to keep focussing on winning every game now, because that’s really important if we want to be in there."


After losing to Denmark, Scotland skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"We just got off to a bad start and never really got it back to be honest. We made a lot of good shots, but we just didn’t get the breaks.

"The fifth was a turning point and the three at the first was just a soft three.

We didn’t get a grasp of the ice and that was it in the opening end. We’re here just taking it s game at a timer, and we can’t do much more.

Czech Republic

After defeating Switzerland, Czech Republic skip, Jiri Snitil, said:

"This definitely feels better than yesterday. We played better as a team. We shared more information and we were on our game more than yesterday.

"It’s good to play against a team with a good cheering crowd – it gives you big motivation, and I like it.

"We hope we can improve. We did it in Moscow and we did it at the last Worlds, so we hope we can add something to this game. We just need to keep going."

New Zealand

After their victory over Norway, New Zealand skip, Peter de Boer, said:

"It feels good. They’re a really good team and we played really well against them.

"We were looking like losing as two or a three but we managed to play a nice freeze and get out of jail.

"Once we turned the hammer over we were feeling good. Our whole team played well in the fifth and I just had to finish it off.

"Against such a good team you always know they’re not going to give you anything.

That win tells us that we’re capable of beating anybody when we get our game together. Hopefully there will be a few more of them this week. We know we’ve got enough natural talent that if we throw it all together, we’ll beat anybody. This is terrific, it’s great fun."

Draw 3


After their win against USA, France skip, Thomas Dufour, said:

"We are very pleased with that. We were wondering what would happen for us at the beginning of the week. Yesterday was a pretty close game against Canada and we were quite happy with that."

"The first part of today’s game was a little tricky for us, but we recovered well with a three at the sixth and after that we had more confidence, were more in control and making the shots better. That was the turnover in the game.

"We were really glad to get the win. We know that every game is going to be close."


After defeating Germany, Canada skip, Glenn Howard, said:

"The first end was obviously a turning point. If he curled half an inch, I’m playing against two, but it didn’t and all of a sudden, I’m drawing for four.

"It’s simple – just keep putting “W”s on the board. Our first goal is get to the play-offs.

"We’re pretty solid, the ice is pretty good. I’m pleased with our play and I hope it’s getting better. This is an exercise in patience. You’ve got eleven games in the round-robin, so just take one at a time.

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