Player Reaction: Day 1

Draw 2


After beating New Zealand, Denmark Skip, Rasmus Stjerne, said:

"We knew that after this afternoon’s loss we had to win in. We took more chances and were more confident out there and it paid off, with us putting points on the board.

"We’ve still got a really tough draw, so we need to keep posting the wins."


After their win against Switzerland, Sweden Skip, Sebastian Kraupp, said:

"I’m very pleased with that. For being the first game with this line-up, the team played really well.

"We’ve been mentally prepared for this for a few days, but hopefully Niklas can be back in the team in a few days."


After defeating Norway, Scotland Skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"I was going to be happy to be 1-1 tonight. That’s a big win for us and I’m really pleased.

"The five? It just built out of nothing, he realised if they didn’t score they were going to lose the game, so they kept gambling and didn’t make the shots.

"We want to be 1-2 but there’s a long week to go. I’m not counting my chickens yet. If we keep playing solid, we’ll be ok. We’ve been pretty good all day."


China coach, Hongchen Li, said:

“It feels good to win. I think my team have come here and found the ice a little bit difficult to get used to. It is a little bit faster and it curls more than home, so we have had to learn how to play on it. But that’s why we go to Canada every year to train on good ice with our coach (Lorne Hamblin). The ice here is beautiful though, we have a very good ice maker here this week.

“Team China would be happy with eighth position or above. Each year China are getting better and better. We have been adjusting training and mental preparation which has been helping us. Not many people play curling in China but I think if we do well more and more people will start playing the sport and this will make Team China stronger. I think one day curling in China will be so strong, maybe the strongest winter sport.

“Every year at the World Championships all of the teams are getting better, so we need to improve each year as well.”

Draw 1


Following their win over France, Canada Skip, Glen Howard, said:

"I’m just pleased to get the first game out of the way. I was disappointed with myself and had a couple of bad points.

"We got down early and we didn’t panic, we hung on in there and got more shots than them. A win’s a win today.

"They played well. We knew they were a very good team. We just build on that and hopefully we’ll just get better and better."


Following their win against New Zealand, Scotland Skip, Tom Brewster, said:

"I thought we were pretty solid, we were just a wee bit slow to get going. They kept it pretty tight and we just didn’t get a hold of the speed early on.

"In the sixth we played a pretty solid end and I had a draw for two to the eight-foot.

"This was the one game I wasn’t looking forward to. Just because it’s a derby game and form goes out the window. I knew how he was going to play."


After their victory over Denmark, Norway Skip, Thomas Uslrud, said:

"That was a close one. We were struggling the whole game to get the speed right and when the speed was right, we didn’t put the broom in the right place, so I guess a normal start for us. The only abnormality is that we won!

"They played a good game and didn’t give us many chances. We got one back in the extra, I guess that was a lucky win for Norway."


After defeating USA, Germany Skip, John Jahr, said:

“First game, first win. We’re very happy after losing four. It was a hard game, we didn’t struggle. We calmed down and said we need two and let them have one, before taking two again, that was the game plan. We had to fight our way back into the game. Then Felix had a really good double.

“I think winning is better than losing, that’s the important point. We played well but not too good. We are a new team and we know how hard it is here to win each and every game. So that was a game we wanted to win. We can lose against Glenn (Howard, Canada) or another team but we had to beat these guys.

“We have to make some points for the Olympics, for us and for the country. We have to be in the first six or seven, but it’s just the beginning and it depends on how you get into the tournament. I wouldn’t say anything else until Tuesday.”

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